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Fellow Wage Slaves: Join our Wage Slave Association. Sign up below. Now! Send this message to 10 of your friends. Let’s mobilize and fight back before the “economic royalists” take it all. If you are like me, you are totally dependent on your pay check. Even the tenant farmers in the Great Depression of the 1930s had more security and political independence than we do. They could grow food and butcher a hog and struggle along. Now if one or two of our pay checks stop, we are out in the street and hungry. It does not matter what color or race or religion or political preference we are, whether we are salaried or paid by the hour, and whether we are union, non-union, publicly or privately employed. We are frightened, desperately dependent on our pay checks, vulnerable, and immobilized. Even if we are self-employed business or professional persons, but dependent on wage slave customers for our income, we are in the same boat with everybody else.

The economic royalists are out to get us; to take our jobs, our savings, and our retirement benefits; and to take our homes. Unfortunately the economic royalists never think they have enough money or land or political power. The want more and more and more. They are maintaining a secret class war against us for their benefit, while causing their well paid spokesmen like Rush Limbaugh and Glenn Beck; constantly to accuse us of class war.

Who are the economic royalists? They are the very few persons at the very top levels of wealth who own and control the big banks, the CIA, the military, the armament manufacturers, and the big corporations, the media (newspapers, magazines, TV, radio, movies, advertising agencies) most churches, the charitable organizations, the academic elites and the universities. They even control the high salaried union bosses. They run our government by using their money to buy, and control the candidates they allow us to vote for. This includes our President. They cause every facet of our political economy to serve them only. They cut taxes on themselves and put the burden of taxation on us. These economic royalists control what we do, how we live, and how we think, even what we think about. They want our every human need to be privatized, so as to provide a profit making opportunity for them. They want every human need to be met either by borrowing money from them or by working for them. If neighbors work together to meet a need, they label it “socialism” or “communism.”

The economic royalists seize every possibility to eliminate our jobs. They take our jobs to Mexico to India or China, or wherever else labor costs are less. They create machines and computers to do our jobs. They take their profit making enterprises all over our planet, then use the US military to fight those residents of foreign countries who resist them, the so-called “terrorists.” This creates immense profits for them and poverty for us. We join the military services to get a job and “benefits,” then they send us overseas to fight those who resist their plunder abroad. We are kept in a perpetual state of war, and some of our dead and maimed bodies are sent home every day.

The economic royalists plunder our planet; pollute our air, water and environment all for their short term profit with contempt for conservation.

They propagate false economic neo-liberal trickle down economic theories of immense benefit to them and tell us that we have no other choice.

We try to live with all of this by becoming lonely couch potatoes, eating fast food, watching explosions, fires, rapes, and murders on TV. We think we are politically participating when we watch talking heads arguing over political “strategy” on TV, knowing full well that our votes are meaningless...

Of course we are scared. What will happen to us tomorrow? Next week? Next year? How will our children and grand children survive? So far, we dare not march, we dare not protest, we dare not speak out, we dare not join with others to enhance our power and our ability to protect ourselves.

We have only one way to stop all of this so that we can work together to do what needs to be done without being a wage slave of somebody who seeks only to make a short term profit from our work. We can avoid killing and being killed in foreign wars. We can preserve our healthy planet home. We can have safe healthy lives. We can create a banking and money system that serves us only. We can fairly tax those who have a thousand times more than they need. We can use the strategy and discipline of active non-violence against the economic royalists, just as the Blacks did in the civil rights struggles.

This is not to say that it will be easy or that it can all be done safely. It will not be. We have no other choice. We choose to live. We choose not to be wage slaves, serfs, or tenant farmers of the economic royalists. We choose to live moral, healthy lives, cooperatively helping each other, and caring for each other. This will require a vast change in our life styles, our material expectations, and an advance in our knowledge of the lies we tell ourselves and others. It will require a change in what we consider and how we measure “progress.”

Like the person addicted to alcohol who can become sober and well only by publicly admitting to himself and others that he is an alcoholic, we can become safe, healthy and well only by admitting to ourselves and others that we are wage slaves, that we are powerless by ourselves, and by working together.

To avoid being fired from your job simply for joining our Wage Slave Association, you may join using a fictitious name, or your grand mother’s maiden name and your grandfather’s first name, if you want. There are no dues. Form local Wage Slave Associations in your neighborhood, in your community so that you can meet, discuss what is going on, validate each other, and give aid and comfort to each other. From local voluntary monetary donations and contributed letters and articles, give your support to a Wage Slave Association Newsletter so that we can communicate with each other via e mail. All races colors sexual preferences and creeds are welcome.

It seems to me that human needs, human capacities, and the needs of our planet home dictate what some of the guiding concepts of the Wage Slave Association must be, but they are all up for discussion:

• We openly admit that we are wage slaves, that we are individually powerless, and commit ourselves to overcoming our plight.

• We acknowledge that we have lost our political power via the ballot box.

• We commit ourselves to active non-violence, and to learn the discipline required.

• We commit ourselves to treat each other human on the planet as we wish to be treated.

• We commit ourselves to cooperate with each other to meet our mutual needs, to care for each other and to give and to accept help from each other. We subordinate our competitive greedy selfish impulses.

• We create new standards and measures of “progress”

• We will grow as much of our own food as possible, buy food locally, and support local small food growers. We barter and we create a local currency

• We acknowledge that our planet lacks sufficient remaining resources and cheap energy to maintain the current population of humans on our standards of living, and we therefore support family planning, birth control and education of women.

• We do whatever is necessary to maintain a civilized sustainable life for all humans.

• We try to be aware of our fear, and of the jingoistic manipulation of our fear by the economic royalists.

• We refuse to serve in the military, and we refuse to fight to maintain wage slavery abroad.

Dated: July 13, 2011

Doug Page

To Join the Wage Slave Association, send an e mail to setting forth the city or town where you live, your chosen name for action purposes, and your consent for me to share your e mail address with others in your location so that you can meet with others. Blog experts, please volunteer to create a Wage Slave Association Blog.

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