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Paul Krugman in his new book The Conscience of a Liberal makes the point that the money of the very rich now controls our political system. Republican Kevin Phillips gave us the evidence for this back in 2002 in Wealth and Democracy. The very rich are determined to use their money to eradicate the idea that government can and should protect people from the ravages of the Law of the Jungle, and the greed of the powerful. Thus when Hillary proposed her complicated health plan in 1993, Republicans neither offered nor would they accept any compromises. Instead, Republicans were determined to kill the whole idea of health insurance for all because they knew that if it succeeded, it would be a graphic demonstration that government could and should work for the benefit of all. There is much evidence that the ruling class and the Republicans are even more determined to kill the idea of good government today. So when Majority Leader Nancy Pelousi says that she wants to have a bipartisan debate about what to do about health coverage, I think she is choosing a mistaken strategy. She knows jolly well what Krugman knows that Republicans are determined to kill the whole idea of health care forever. What is her possible compromise? Health care that nobody can afford with a tremendous amount of profit for the insurance companies?
Despite all of this, Krugman, Socialist Senator Bernie Sanders of Vermont and almost all persons who oppose Bush are urging us to work within the Democratic Party, to talk to people and to organize for ballot box voting because, they say, there is a significant difference between the stated objectives of the Democratic and Republican Parties. The evidence shows that whatever the Democrats may say they will do for us voters, they actually do what their rich campaign donors demand. Democrats have been doing this ever since 1965 when Medicare was passed. Since then money has trumped our votes every time.
The truth is that ballot box democracy, or ballot box avenues of change are now blocked in this country, if indeed they have ever really existed. There is no way we voters can overwhelm the power of money. Campaign reform simply has not done it and will never do it. We must engage in other forms of political activity beyond mere voting.

Think not of Bush, but of "King Bush" who may be replaced with "Queen Hillary" being the mythical personification of the 5000 white Christian males (the wealthiest 1%) who have the money and power to make the decisions affecting us all.
Then think of the “princes, dukes, marquis, earls, viscounts, and barons” who are in one way or another on the payroll of this "King" or "Queen." These “royalists” are spread throughout the government, the armed forces, business, the media and academia. They will not cross their monetary master, the “King” no matter what voters or anybody else may say.
Then there are us voting serfs who are lied to by the "King's" media, deprived of any other source of information, diverted with TV, football, NASCAR racing, and images of sexy young women. We serfs are made to feel rich with a proliferation of toys, I pods, Walk men, DVD players, digital cameras, junk food and cars. We serfs see no reason to give up what we have by doing anything to cross the "King." Who needs democracy when everything is good enough? A little irritating, but good enough.

Historically, there have been those who were willing to cross the "king" because of ideals, because of their consciences, or because of what was really important to them. Our forefathers who signed our Declaration of Independence pledged their lives, fortunes and sacred honor, and in many cases they indeed lost their lives and fortunes.

If this is an accurate depiction of our current plight, then we should minimize stamp licking and ballot box politics. Those of us who feel impelled to act for reasons of what is really important to us have the following choices:
1. Violent revolution (which in my view is immoral, counterproductive and impossible) Che Guevara was such a person and is still worshipped throughout Latin America 40 years after his execution by the CIA)
2. Active non-violence: stop paying all taxes.....stop buying anything produced by a corporation...stop working for any corporation.... (This is an effective exercise of power that would add muscle to our voting power if millions join in the activity.)
The final active non-violence is to do what the two Catholic priests did an effort to halt the teaching of torture and to cause the close of the School for Americas, they blocked the entrance to Fort Huachuca. They willingly submitted to arrest, and willingly accepted the punishment...7 months in the Florence, Arizona prison. While I very much appreciate their actions, I question how much influence their suffering has. Besides, I do not want to go to prison.

My wife C. Jay’s meditation this morning centered on this:

“November 5: Financial Security

An affluent society often functions as a giant tranquilizer. In the pursuit of the rewards of affluence, we have to tune out our awareness so completely that we become destructive to our bodies and our psyches. We have to develop our addictions to shut off our awareness of what is really important to us. We operate out of denial and are threatened by anyone wanting to challenge our denial.” (emphasis added)

I think that most of us are so addicted, and we have indeed shut off our awareness of what is really important to us. We are indeed threatened by anyone who wants to challenge our denial. So even though 64% of us oppose Bush and his policies, we do nothing about it.

What is really important to me? To you? What is more important to us than material goods?

Caring for others. Having others care for me. A government that cares. A good government that protects me from the Law of the Jungle and the greed of the powerful. A government that guarantees and protects my freedom. A government that protects me from the risks of the loss of civilized existence and global warming. A government of, by and for the people where we the voters are sovereign and not the money of the rich.

These foundational needs, while more subtle and further back in the recesses of our minds than the immediate gratification of a Coke & Big Mac, or a new car, are indeed more important when we stop to think about them.

Because of the overwhelming power of money, voting for Hillary or Barack is simply not enough, and is a waste of time without more. Here are some things we can do without giving up our life style:

• We can certainly, even with our affluence addiction, spread the truth. When the true facts of 9/11 are finally exposed to a majority of the American people, there will be an immense awakening. We can spread the truth about Zionists in Israel and in the US and their unrecognized controlling impact on us that may or may not be in our own best interest.

• We can organize among ourselves and participate in buyer’s boycotts and work stoppages. The Democrats and Republicans will both vote further to fund the War. We should then participate in a 3 day “sick out” work stoppage and we should not buy anything for 3 days. When another appointment like that of Attorney General Mukasey reaches the Senate we can have a 3 day sick out and purchasing strike. This is a powerful way we can match the political power of money. The powers that be can be made to change their positions if their profits are threatened.

• We can get our priorities in order: Truth, Justice, and then Peace. The current wars are based on lies. Truth can erode the underpinning of our wars. Wars are started to preserve privileges and cause inevitable injustices. If we end the war, we can then promote justice. There can be no enduring peace without justice. So when we have ended the wars, and promoted justice, we can then work effectively for peace. So we should work for Truth, Justice and Peace, in that order.

E mail me if you want to join an active nonviolent Truth Justice Peace movement. It must be organized from the bottom up. It is up to us.

November 5, 2007

Douglas R. Page

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