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Before getting into the imposed secrecy and the strange facts of 9/11, we must keep in mind the vast personal, cultural, political, and economic shock that we are thus fostering. If we are right about the MHIOP massacre, and I believe we are, we are indicting Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld, and certain other key moles within the government and security agencies for the almost unimaginable horror of intentionally murdering thousands and thousands of human beings.
Our government in our human psyche is something like a projection of our human parents. What would we adolescent children do if during a seemingly normal upbringing, we discovered that our parents, despite their parental façade, were actually murdering people and planning to enslave us, their own children? Would we deny the whole thing? Run? Run where? To some normal caring adults? How could we trust anybody else if we could not trust our own parents? Would we do what we had to do to survive? Shoot our parents? Steal? Hide? Forage? Kill ourselves? What community with other humans could we join? Nothing in our human experience has prepared us to deal with this. We do have the experience of the Holocaust, but neither Jews nor Gentiles did anything appropriate at the time to deal with it. We apparently have not ingested the lessons of the Holocaust to prevent its happening again in this new and different form.

Then let’s look at the external political-economic implications of the MHIOP massacre. Nothing happens in this country without the support and approval of the very wealthy and powerful, of their Wall Street financial interests, and of their Media. We know that Wall Street and the CIA have a revolving door relationship. If MHIOP is correct, we are indicting also our economic system, our mainstream media, and all our elected officials who participated in the cover-up. There remains no person and no institution that we can trust. We cannot bring ourselves even to think about it. It is an unimaginable nightmare. No wonder then that we have such trouble communicating the facts to our friends and neighbors. Our trouble in dealing with these implications has some similarity to the trouble of Germans following WWII. They denied the Holocaust. None of them “knew” what had been going on. They could not speak of it. It took decades and the birth of new generations of Germans before Germans could speak openly of the Holocaust and the shame of those who allowed it and implemented it.

However, we are not children. We are adults. We can learn from history. We have evolved. We have no alternative but to face the facts and deal with the conclusions they lead to, unless we all choose to self destruct. It is our ultimate challenge. Have we evolved enough to deal with it? We humans may succeed. We may not. We have to do what we can to survive as civilized humans.

My friend Creston founds his optimism and hope on his assumption that bright human beings like Bill and Hillary Clinton will eventually figure things out. I think he ignores the role of money and power that has always dominated the Clintons. They always do and say what money and power want.

However, it is true that human consciousness changes very slowly, maybe a little faster than evolution of body parts, but not much. That being the case, the probability is that it will take a hundred years for the full truth about 9/11 to come out. Capitalism will never fall suddenly and drastically enough to compel sudden change toward truth and democracy. The market impulse, the competitive impulse, and the trading impulse will always be in humans. The anti-social evils of capitalism will be very gradually recognized, and very slowly brought under some human control. The power of capitalism to create its own truths and its own reality by ownership and control of the media and by bribing elected representatives can be observed by bright humans and the truth slowly communicated on the internet. We do have to face the power of capitalists who will bitterly oppose the social controls of capitalism that we must have. The consciousness of some capitalists may evolve to some small degree, but we still have to deal with the consciousness of those capitalists who do not evolve. As to them, my way of dealing with their power is active nonviolence, including “sick outs,” sit down strikes, work stoppages, confrontations, buyers boycotts etc. Because the awesome power of naked capitalism will remain for a long time, there will be more wars, more killing of civilians, much more of our own blood shed, more loss of freedoms, and further lowering of living standards of ordinary people toward the level of the Third World. There will be increased polarization and increased levels of hatred, but gradually more and more people will see it our way.

Meanwhile, we can establish and live in alternate communities, living by our values, eating our own or local food, bartering, trading and the like.

So the upshot is that each of us should do the thing that we think will cause this elevation of consciousness. Voting for Democrats may help to keep things from getting worse. My zeal for informing others about the dynamics of capitalism, active nonviolence, exposing the Israel Lobby, and making “torture a moral issue” can and should continue, as should continued exposure of 9/11. It is all part of the effort. Change of consciousness will come very slowly. Nobody can make it come more quickly, and therefore we may lose the fight and slip into the dark ages. On the other hand, we may win only a little at a time over the years, but enough to keep civilization and democracy alive. Our survival instinct compels us to try.

Dated: September 28, 2007

Doug Page

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